Current Trends: Bows

Have you heard about this trend yet? Well let me tell you about bows. The bow trend took off in the spring of 2022 and has continued into 2023. It has certainly never died off; just made new updates throughout the years. Bows have been an ongoing trend that can be dated back to 2600 to 2500 BC. Now we can look back and see how many different styles, textures, sizes; bows have been through. From the bows men wore in their hair during the 1800s to dresses and ties in the early 1900s to 80s rock and roll and the long ribbon bows we wore in our hair as children.


Adding a bow to any ensemble seems to make it almost complete or perfect, like adding a bow on top of a cute finished package. You can add them to your heel, a simple necklace adorning a little bow, dresses, earrings, and purses. A lovely bow tends to give you that feminine and classic look. Plus, when added to your waistline, they help accentuate and give the illusion of beautiful curves. Even when paired with a low-back gown, a bow will certainly bring attention to the back of that gorgeous dress.


Bows are really suitable for all brides, whatever style you may desire. First, start with what size you desire. Small? Medium? Large? Now what Fabric; different types of fabrics help tell the bow how it should lay. Something solid that holds shape the whole day, or something whimsical that floats off your shoulder. Want to add some little details? Scattered Pearls?! Yes please! Many brides these days love getting them detachable; long, dramatic, flowy bows for down the aisle. Then shorter, tiny bows for the reception.


They really do pair well with so many different styles of wedding gowns; a bow just adds a little bit of detail to any simple/elegant or detailed/extravagant dress. As kids, we used to wear bows in our hair; that childlike whimsy. We dreamed of the one day we got to be a beautiful bride. Adding the bow in almost brings that little princess and your womanhood together. The possibilities are endless for any bride who is looking for that perfect little detail to add to their special day.


Check out how our designers have added this bow detail to their gorgeous gowns!



ENT 520



ENT 508


Made with Love

Elsie with detachable bows


Made with Love

Hendrix with detachable bows


Robert Bullock



Kate McDonald Bridal



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